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Your 4D Baby is a 3D & 4D HD Ultrasound Center owned and managed by a certified sonographer and foreign medical doctor (OBGYN) with more than 20 years experience in the field of Diagnostic Ultrasound, 3D 4D ultrasound and author of several books. Member of the most prestigious medical societies of ultrasonography worldwide.

Eleven Reasons to

Choose Your 4D Baby

The chief sonographer of Your 4D Baby is a Foreign MD OB GYN, that assures the best quality and accurate ultrasound screening.

highest quality ultrasound paper available SONY HG
Your 4D Baby is a Foreign MD OB GYN
Above 98% accuracy gender scan from 13 weeks onward
An ARDMS certified sonographe
USB Flash drive recordings with high definition video (1080 HD)
All ultrasound scan times follow and meets the FDA guidelines for scan times 30 minutes or less.

Keepsake’ Ultrasounds
Aren’t Dangerous

A 2010 Cochrane review (a meta-analysis of randomized trials) concluded there were no long-term negative effects of ultrasounds before 24 weeks of pregnancy on fetal outcomes or child development. A second review showed the same null effects of ultrasounds conducted later in pregnancy.

This evidence suggests that there is absolutely no reason to avoid ultrasounds as administered during prenatal care. There has been some reluctance to extend this conclusion to recreational ultrasounds because of concerns they may last longer or use different ultrasound power settings.

Even worse, some companies do not even have technicians, employ people who trained in 3 days to use the ultrasound equipment. This is is not recommendable. Please ask for a registered sonographer.